Lydia's love of art, architecture, textiles, and fashion are what ultimately motivated her interest in interior design. After attending fashion design school, Lydia realized that her creativity could be better expressed through interior design. 

She completed Master's coursework in interior design at the New England School of Art and Design (NESAD), Suffolk University, Boston.

Upon returning to Frederick, MD, Lydia was employed at the architecture firm, Proffitt and Associates.    

Lydia's most notable interior design projects while working at Proffitt and Associates include:

  • Frederick County Visitors Center (Frederick, MD)
  • Earth Space Science Lab (Frederick, MD)
  • Baker Park View Townhomes, 52 Bentz St. and 50 Bentz St. (floor plan only)
  • Catoctin Nature Center (Middletown, MD)
  • Inn Boonsboro (Boonsboro, MD)

Lydia lives in Frederick, MD with her husband and four children.

Design Philosophy


The confluence of nature, art, architecture, fashion, and history ground my work. I strive to create dynamic interior environments by utilizing and layering the elements of color, fabric, texture, form, craftsmanship, and historicity.

The most compelling interiors are both collected and eclectic. This amalgam is achieved by the artful juxtaposition of accumulated components that span various time periods and aesthetic styles. 

This is the philosophy that serves as the basis of the receptivity of the wishes, desires, and dreams of my client. In the end, the final product should be as unique and individuated as the client...
— Lydia Manalo